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The famGADGET Console is part of the the famGADGET Platform, which is a feature rich, two part, communications system designed to help aging seniors - without any computer experience - realize the benefits of todays technology !!!

It allows busy family members and care providers to monitor a senior’s care and keep in touch with them in a non-intrusive manner, regardless of distance.

For seniors, video calls with loved ones, family photos, email/text messages, medication reminders and check-ins become automatically available on the screen with a simple gadget designed specifically for them.

If you have been invited to use this app, the invitation provides information about logging in and contains a link to the famGADGET App Manager Guide for you. This app does requires that there is a famGADGET Member already setup and that you are part of the Member network.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

To learn more about the famGADGET Platform go to